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Name: Deborah
Entry: Breast Cancer Awareness Month has such a signifant meaning to me and my family as we celebrate the victory of life for my sister in law Kim- my hero, my woman in pink. So thankful to God and his faithfulness.

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Kim's Story

In 1998 at the age of 37, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and within six of days of the diagnosis I underwent a left side mastectomy, removal of all lymph nodes and was scheduled for four months of chemotherapy. During that time I experienced complete hair loss and excessive weight loss, BUT I gained a tremendous insight to true faith.

Fast forward to June of 2011 when I discovered a lump in my right breast. A roller coaster ride of mammograms, sonograms and biopsies confirmed I had breast cancer AGAIN! After 13 years, I never imagined I would find myself repeating this battle. This time around the doctors also discovered an excessive amount of calcium in my blood. Additional tests confirmed a parathyroid tumor. On June 28th, I underwent a right side mastectomy, reconstructive surgery and eighteen days later a parathyroid removal; to be followed with four rounds of chemo and one year of herceptin.

Shortly after midnight on July 30th, I was pondering what lay ahead of me and God inspired me to write the word "HAIR". Armed with nothing but colored pencils and a sketch pad my sons had used long ago in school, and not entirely sure why He would have me write this down, I scribbled out the letters H-A-I-R. God then revealed a new meaning of the letters; having an intimate relationship - with Christ. I found myself drawing the bald woman and over the top I wrote "It's Not About Hair", it's about having a relationship with Christ.

Later that same morning, I was prompted a second time to go to the sketch pad. This time I drew the breast cancer ribbon, a symbol of strength and hope, and on the inside of the ribbon I wrote "NO" in front of every possible side effect I read about my chemo and herceptin prescriptions. When I finished I realized I had declared, in faith, that I would have no side effects from these drugs.

I am truly blessed with an amazing family. My husband and two wonderful sons have been a life line of purpose to press forward. My sister and sisters-in-law provide daily strength and encouragement. My niece Tara wrote a poem that has been a driving inspiration during this storm and also the resounding theme of this business.

I now call myself, "The Woman In Pink", and I share my story of hope and trust in God as encouragement to press forward. My personal battle has lead me to form a non-profit corporation titled "The Woman in Pink." Proceeds from this corporation will be used to provide women battling cancer with wigs, free of charge.

Kim Beverly
Psalms 139:14 I will praise You, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…your works are wonderful.

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